My Story
After graduation from college with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in graphic design a decision was made to go into graphic design and continue eating regularly rather than be a fine artist accustomed to eating occasionally! When I retired I had a near thirty yearcareerin graphic design as a designer, four years employed, the remainder of those years spent as a free-lancer with the last ten of those owning my own firm.

Several years later, I returned to painting for the first time since graduating. Unlike my college exerience, I found it quite enjoyable, refreshing and rewarding.
At present I have been painting for less than a decade, unaligned with a gallery and it is the source of my enjoyment. Awards, credits, articles I have received can be furnished on request. If you like a piece of work, do you buy because you like it or the artist’s credentials? I believe you buy what you like and enjoy in your individual space. When I bought my first art, I wasso young and poor that I had to buy it on time and pay it out in monthly increments…………… and you could do that in those days!

​Every painting is coated with at least three coats of UV protection varnish, plastic-coated wired for hanging and has bumpers on the back side to prevent wall scuffing, All you have to do is hang the piece. Fine Arts America has a money-back guarantee on your purchase; I personally assure you if you receive a painting/photograph you do not like or it is not what you expected and you would like to trade for another piece, you may trade for another of equal/greater expense. All that is requested of you is you pay for return postage. But, do not worry, I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with! By all means try one or more of my paintings/photographs to see.
Browse my portfolio to form your own opinion – since your opinion is the primary deciding element in the like or dislike of a painting. Once acquired any painting or piece of art is likely to be with you for a very long time!


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